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Marrakech festival, january 2008.

They are walking their existence and they walk, they walk. Each morning, they stand up and they walk. They walk and time is flowing… They walk until disappearing…

With the number two begins also the first confrontation, the first impossibility, the first exclusion, the first injustice: between two persons, between two countries, between two religions, between two reasons of living, between two intuitions, between two opinions, two identities, two thoughts, two sensibilities, two dreams,….until suffocation.

We are looking for a dance we never could write, a dance grounded in its framework and its purpose.
A dance built of dynamics, energies and the poetic meaning emerging of that. This no-writing gives rise to a writing.

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Choreography and interpretation : Thierry Giannarelli et Véronique Delarché
Sound designer : Alain Michon
Ligth designer : Zach